About Us

About AggreStrat

The Aggregation of Strategy and Foreign Policy

We at AggreStrat believe that the best decisions are informed decisions.

AggreStrat strives to bring together the world’s best think tanks, professional periodicals, academic journals, and government statements together in one place for quick review.

By simplifying the collecting and correlating of information, decision-makers and researchers can find the subjects and content they need to be informed and prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What sources are used in AggreStrat?

A: AggreStrat collects articles from over 400 Thank Tanks, Journals, Periodicals, Governments, and Transnational Organizations.

Q:  Wait, you really are nonpartisan?

A:  Yes.  AggreStrat is a nonpartisan organization.  AggreStrat draws on articles from all sides of the political spectrum as well as apolitical sources to best inform decision-makers and researchers.

Q:  Who founded AggreStrat?

A:  David A. Levy is the founder of AggreStrat.  David is a retired U.S. Navy Commander and Foreign Area Officer.  He was the Director for Theater Security Cooperation for US Naval Forces Central Command and was the U.S. Naval and Air Attaché in Tunis.  David was a Federal Executive Fellow with RAND Corp., received his MA in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School and his BS in Business from NY Maritime College.